Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning in Somerset

I specialise in cleaning oriental and quality area rugs, though I clean all types of rugs at my dedicated rug cleaning facility, returning them to their former glory.

The lustre and shine of a well washed rug is something to behold. With bright, vibrant colours, perhaps previously never seen before, even when new, because Dealers’ rugs can sometimes be dusty or even slightly dirty masking its natural beauty. 

You will feel the difference too when you run your fingers through it, soft and silky smooth. Some companies will clean a rug in your home and in the same way they would clean a average carpet. Whilst this may seem perfectly reasonable and more expedient than off site cleaning, we would not recommend this because its impossible to remove all the dry soil from the rug, the key cause of wear and reduced life. It also lends itself to increase problems such as dye bleed, browning and wicking problems. This is partly to do with the drying process which cannot be controlled properly in a Clients home.

Deeper  Clean has specialist equipment for drying, this is vitally important for safe rug cleaning. I can offer various methods of
cleaning including saturation or ‘pit’ cleaning, this is particularly effective for treating pet or
baby related stain problems! Additional services include our preferred ‘Scotchgard’ type treatment
for suitable rugs. This reduces fibre wear, increase stain resistance and eases the removal of dry
soil and pet hair when vacuuming.

When you think about it, a quality rug is a shrewd investment that you can take pride in and helps make a cosy home. They are very durable if looked after properly and can even become family heirlooms.



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