Leather Cleaning

The Leather Suite Time Bomb!

Little known facts about 95% of UK leather sofas.

Are you sitting on a potentially very costly time bomb? I probably clean more sofas than traditional upholstery these days. However, increasingly I’m having to carry out some restoration work which could easily have been avoided and certainly is more costly.

This has largely come about from, at the very best, a misguided view from retailers that leather is non or low maintenance. They say ‘just wipe it over with a damp cloth’ I hear all the time when visiting clients, only to find the colour pigments are damaged beyond repair. With cheaper suites being beyond viable restoration.

Even worse I regularly see suites totally trashed by waxed/oil based so called ‘conditioners’, baby wipes and even Mr Sheen! Shame, because it needn’t have been like that. Leather needs to be cleaned With a specialist product and its transparent protective layer (which is literally only microns thick) reinstated, otherwise the pigment will be permanently damaged over time.

Remember the day your leather suite arrived? As you think about the reasons you bought it, sat in it for the first time at home and got that lovely waft of leather you can re-experience that again when you have it cleaned and protected by us. I can also restore: scuffs scratches punctured surfaces and undertake re-colouring were required.

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